i bet you'd look good at MisShapes

i'm back at the best dance party in the WORLD. MisShapes at Don Hills.


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are you stalking me?
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jackson love
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i heart lezark
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IMG_5933.JPG IMG_5936.JPG IMG_5937.JPG IMG_5938.JPG
birthday girl: gurj
IMG_5939.JPG IMG_5942.JPG IMG_5943.JPG IMG_5944.JPG
london? hi fi? i mean hard fi!?
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IMG_5961.JPG IMG_5962.JPG IMG_5965.JPG IMG_5967.JPG
IMG_5971.JPG IMG_5975.JPG IMG_5979.JPG IMG_5982.JPG
it's gray, i think
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IMG_6031.JPG IMG_6032.JPG IMG_6033.JPG IMG_6035.JPG
top 40 greg
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IMG_6047.JPG IMG_6048.JPG IMG_6049.JPG IMG_6050.JPG
oh love, be mine
IMG_6051.JPG IMG_6052.JPG IMG_6053.JPG IMG_6055.JPG
take me to portland with you
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IMG_6063.JPG IMG_6065.JPG IMG_6066.JPG IMG_6068.JPG
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